Boss Truck Shops Inc. or (BTS) warrants only the products and services listed on the BTS invoice. BTS warrants products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety (90) day limited. The above description is the (Warranty Period).

Warranty repairs will be handled at a BTS location or designated affiliate with BTS approval, and notification and documentation from the original purchaser.

The limited warranty as described cannot be changed, enlarged or altered by anyone. No warranties are made, either express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever, including without limitation, the condition of the parts, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, except as specifically provided herein or as otherwise provided by law.

Manufacturer specific product warranty may vary from BTS’s, ninety (90) day limited. Product is subject to a specific manufacturer’s warranty; repair or replacement will be handled in accordance with the manufacturer’s specific warranty. Labor for such repair will only be included for ninety (90) days limited from original service. After ninety (90) days, regular shop labor rates will apply.

BTS’s warranty shall “NOT” apply:

  1. If the owner and/or operator (owners designated representative) decline specific related labor or parts required making OEM repairs to equipment operation and the subsequent failure is a result of refusing such services.
  2. If the vehicle is, in an accident, driven off road, misused, altered from original manufacturer’s specs, or normal wear and tear.
  3. If not original purchaser or owner. Limited warranty of parts and labor do not transfer to new ownership.
  4. If claimant fails upon request to return parts and/or filters or requested photos.
  5. If claimant fails to notify BTS before expiration of (Limited Warranty Period) as defined above or outside work is performed.
  6. If original equipment manufacturer’s safety devices are altered or otherwise inoperable.[e.g., oil pressure gauge, temperature gauges (engine, transmission, differential), air pressure gauge, emergency shut off devices, volt/amp gauge, factory installed emergency shut downs]


BTS does not express or imply, any other warranties except those stated above herein.

During the course of service, a BTS service tech may find a defective part, equipment problem, oil leak etc., the detection of which is not part of the service provided.  There is no express or implied warranty regarding any defect or damage found, not found, reported to the purchaser or not reported to the purchaser.  BTS has no duty or obligation to inspect, examine, discover any defect, patent or latent, or to notify purchaser of such defects outside scope of service.


BTS encourages and follows specifications as recommended by wheel/rim manufacturer’s that a re-torque of wheel nuts/fasteners be performed @ 50 – 100 miles after installation. This ensures the proper seating of the wheel assembly. Failure to do so will void any implied warranty by BTS. This service is free to the customer at any BTS location for wheel end work performed by any BTS location with proof of service.

New tires will have the manufacturers warranty only subject to the manufacturer’s guidelines, grading and reimbursement.

Used tires have a seven (7) day warranty for replacement of used tire only. Cash refunds are not allowed.

Damage resulting from a tire failure new/used is not covered by this warranty. The valve stem and core is a necessary replacement item during the installation of new/used tires. Failure to replace the stem and core at time of service will void any warranty caused by loss of air pressure to the tire. BTS will replace decorative items such as lug nut covers, chrome hubcaps, etc. that were removed in the course of service. However, due to the varying age and condition of these items, BTS will not warrant the loss or damage of these items. Any repair requiring the removal and installation of the wheel/rim assembly (wheel seal, brakes etc.) will be under the before mentioned guidelines for re-torque.

Electrical/Alternator/ Starter/Battery:

With the replacement of an alternator, starter or battery, a complete electrical system diagnostic must be completed (e.g., draw, batteries) Failure to do so will void alternator/starter/battery warranty. Failed alternator/starter/battery must be returned to a BTS with the invoice from purchase for testing before warranty can be issued (additional manufacturer warranty may apply to any of these items)

Air conditioning:

It is recommended after a catastrophic compressor failure, the receiver/drier, expansion valve or orifice tube be replaced and system flushed. Removal of contaminants is necessary any time the system is open to the atmosphere and failure to do this will void the warranty.

Oil changes/PM:

Plugs removed for vehicle servicing will be re-installed with a new crush washer or gasket if applicable, re-torqued according to manufacturer’s specifications, engine oil level filled to capacity, oil cap tightened, dip stick tightened. The purchaser is required to witness the aforementioned services. Declining to witness any one of the aforementioned services will void any warranty claim. Defective filters (oil, fuel, water, air) must be returned if claiming limited warranty.


Opening of the engine compartment is required for most services. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify BTS service personnel of any damage to hood supports. Support cables and devices deteriorate over time and should be inspected and replaced. This warranty does not apply to any damage that may result from the failure of hood supports.

Vehicle damage:

BTS shall have no expressed liability regarding any of the following damage, including any damage associated with any BTS provided services unless such damage is reported prior to leaving the BTS facility or departing form roadside assistance at the time service is rendered.

Fees and Taxes Not Included:

Fees, including, without limitation waste disposal fees, shop supply fees are not included in this warranty and are paid by the consumer.

Some states require by law tire and battery fees, which are paid by the consumer. Additionally some states may require taxes be paid for warranty work which also is paid by the consumer.


Consumables (i.e. coolants, oils, filters) are not part of this limited warranty.

Contacting for Limited Warranty:


Customer obligation:

BTS has the right to inspect and correct all work that applies to our posted limited warranty before an outside repair facility can perform work on a potential claim. All parts must be returned to BTS for all limited warranty claims with work performed by an outside shop. Service documentation may also be required for claims investigative purposes.

Pictures of before, during and after repairs are required from outside vendor repairs and the claimants responsibility.

The BTS release form must be signed by the outside repair facility and the purchaser prior to work being performed. Failure to do any of the above can result in denial of claim.

Updated: April 22, 2019